Playzer, a French media company, hired me as the art director for this series of web commercials which asks how would your nostalgia for a song differ if you had not seen that weird and strange thing at the time you were listening to said song.

Some shoots are more awkward than others!


This short commercial was the first thing I wrote and produced, it was a fun little project to bide the time during one of our Zombie Pub Crawls.  What is that you say?  Well, read onward my undead friend

I started this...thing...with one of my best friends James Monte and the extremely talented artist Caryn Coblio (  

It involves professional makeup artists, zombies, and a pub crawl.

We call it Zombie Pub Crawls!  In a nutshell, people come to our event and get turned into zombies by film industry makeup artists while we all have a party, and after everyone has been transformed, we stage an outbreak in the pubs of a local city!

It has taken us from a small group of ten close friends and one makeup artist to crawls of 80 people and 10 makeup artists.  We've been on Face Off twice, and filmed a bunch of stuff like this commercial during our crawls, but it always comes down to having a great time with your friends, and being able to act yourself under the veil of a zombie infection....check us out on facebook if it sounds like fun to you!