Dinosaur Pile-Up - Derail - Psycho Shower FX

We filmed this music video at Four Aces in Palmdale, CA.

It's pretty remote, as anyone who has filmed there knows, and there is no running water and no electricity (you need to bring a generator for such things).

We had this shower scene planned which would be a nod to the infamous Psycho shower scene, but with no running water on location we had to get creative.  

I ended up using a reservoir and a sump pump to cycle the water from the bottom of the tub back up into a pipe with a shower head on the end.  It worked great, the illusion works so well I bet you didn't even notice the shower head wasn't attached to any wall!

Also, check out my cameo at the very end!  Detective Craig has such a great ring to it!


I have a handheld, portable, and manually pressurized "guac" gun that I designed and built.  It uses a simple bicycle pump to pressurize a chamber which will then shoot gore out of a tube at the turn of a valve.

You can see it in action at 03:22 in the video.

Special thanks to Caryn Coblio, make up FX artist extraordinaire, for hooking me up with the gig.  You can see her work at www.caryncoblio.com